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Meet Me Monday: Emily Haack

This week’s Meet Me Monday is all about Emily Haack!

Emily has been a Disney fan for as long as she can remember.  Her first Disney related memory was her dad taking her to see Beauty and the Beast in the theaters, sneaking in popcorn, and singing along with the songs she already knew by heart (hello cassette tape soundtracks!). Her love for Disney grew as her parents took her whole family on trips multiple times throughout childhood.  The journey to being an agent began when her parents surprised her whole family--this time adults--with a trip to Disney World in 2015.  She took the reigns in learning everything she could about making the trip a success (guided by Suzanne in the background), and it was pure magic. She vividly remembers the moment the magic finally fully embraced her husband; it was movie perfect under the canopy of the fireworks.  She had so much fun planning the trip for her family that she had to continue that fun by becoming an agent.

Emily and her husband get them…

Spotlight on Disney Water Parks

Most Disney fans are very familiar with the four major theme parks, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. However, even the more seasoned theme park goers often times forget about the other two theme parks offered at Walt Disney World, Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Both are highly themed waterparks that offer a full day of fun and sun! Blizzard Beach is themed as a mountain ski resort, with slopes of various thrill levels and even a  chairlift that will take you to the top of Mount Gushmore for a near vertical drop on one of the world’s tallest and fastest free-fall body slides, Summit Plummet. For those looking for something a little less intimidating, there are many other slides that are sure to add excitement to your day! If something a little more relaxing is what you had in mind, floating down Cross Country Creek in a tube around the entire park, swimming in the waves, or relaxing on the shores of Melt-Away Bay (a one-acre wave pool) may be ju…

Meet Me Monday: Emily Scharbrough

It’s Monday again, and this week we’re introducing you to part two of the Scharbrough Travel Agent Team!
Emily's love of Disney and traveling did not develop until later in her life. In fact, as a child she was always the one who would rather stay at home. When in junior high, Emily traveled to Walt Disney World with her family for the first time. She also recalls visiting Disney World while swimming in college. During winter training trips, the team would always take one day off from the pool and drive from Ft Lauderdale to Orlando for a day of fun at Disney World.

It was not until 2011, when Emily and Fred took their own children to Disney World for the first time, that she fell in love with Disney and traveling. The entire trip was so well orchestrated by their agent at the time, (now owner of On The Road Travel) Chris Cook-Leitz. The boys loved the kid-friendly resort, All Star Movies, the restaurants were delicious, the transportation was so easy, and the theme parks were extr…

Benefits of Using a Travel Agent

In today’s tech savvy world you will find travel deals around every corner.  You can research every location imaginable online and likely find what appear to be “good deals.” However , I honestly believe there are many benefits to the client, when using a travel agent. So I've collected just a few of the many reasons why using a travel agent to book your next vacation might be beneficial to you. Let’s face it, we are all too busy! We fill our schedules to the brim, and finding time to plan a detailed vacation to meet everyone in the travel party’s expectation can be overwhelming! Clients need someone they can trust, to save them time and money. Working in the travel industry on a daily basis, travel agents are exposed to many training opportunities and on-site training experiences to help them gain knowledge and familiarity with various products. Many times the same knowledge the client will gain after hours of research, a travel agent will be able to explain or share in a matter o…

Meet Me Monday: Fred Scharbrough

Meet Fred Scharbrough! Fred works with his wife Emily as part of an On The Road Travel Agent Team! Though Fred grew up in California, he currently lives in Branson, Missouri with his family.  

As a child, Fred took many trips to Disneyland.  Once his two boys, Kyle and Kaden, were old enough to enjoy the parks, he shared his love of Disney with them.  Now the Scharbrough family travels to Orlando a few times every year to check out all of the new and exciting things there are to do and see! 

Fred's favorite resort at Walt Disney World is Coronado Springs, but he has many great memories of his kids excitement at the All Star Resorts as well.  His favorite restaurant is Disney's Ohana but he is always willing and excited to try new table service restaurants!  Fred is also a pin collector and he stays on the lookout for great souvenirs.  He is a trained cruise planner for all the major cruise lines, and of course the Disney cruise line is his favorite.  Plus, Fred loves helping cli…

What Kind of Bag Should I Bring to the Parks?

You have the perfect itinerary, the most comfortable shoes, the right clothing, the perfect hat/sunglasses combo, the best sunscreen, but it appears you have something weighing on your shoulders that you are not sure about. That's right, you need the right bag for your upcoming expedition to a Disney Park!

When visiting a Disney Park, there are essential items that can make or break your day. A camera, portable charging device, light jacket, mini first aid kit, diapers, ponchos, anti-bacterial gel, entertainment for children, park map, wet wipes, autograph book/pen, water, snacks, extra clothes, sunscreen, and many more items will likely need to fit in your bag. When thinking about what kind of bag you need, there are some key questions you need to consider. How big of a bag do I need to carry all of my belongings? How secure is the bag? Is the bag comfortable for carrying? How durable is the bag? Is the bag waterproof? Below is a list of various types of bags that may be …

Meet Me Monday: Chris Smith

It's Monday once again, so that means it's time to learn about one of our agents! This week the spotlight is on Chris Smith, one of the newest members of our team! Chris lives in Houston, Texas with his wife, Dr. Bethany D. Smith and three children, Madelyn, Addyson, and Tanner. A planner, food lover, and traveler at heart, Chris loves checking out new destinations with his family and making sure all restaurants and key attractions are covered. With that said, the magical experiences at Disney destinations continue to draw the Smith family back!

Chris graduated from Texas A&M University in 1999. In addition to working at On The Road Travel, he is an analyst for a petrochemical company. When Chris isn’t singing his favorite Disney tunes in his office, he spends his free time coaching Tanner’s baseball team, watching Madelyn and Addyson play soccer and participate in cheerleading, following Texas A&M sports, hanging out by the backyard pool, and listening to interes…

Reasons to Take a Disney Trip in 2018

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to plan a new Disney trip, right? Whether it’s California, Florida, or the high seas, there’s plenty to do for young and old alike. We’re so excited about all of the new offerings and celebrations coming to the Disney Parks and resorts this year! We thought now would be a great time to share some of the top reasons to plan a Disney Vacation in 2018!

If you’re a Pixar Fan: - Pixar Fest begins on April 13th and will celebrate all things Pixar throughout the Disneyland Resort! In anticipation of the debut of Pixar Pier, this celebration will introduce an all-new fireworks show, “Together Forever - A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular” and enjoy the return of two favorite parades, “Paint the Night” and "Pixar Play Parade", in addition to new Pixar themed entertainment, decor, food, beverages, and merchandise. - Of course, we can’t forget the debut of Pixar Pier this summer! The southern shore of Paradise Bay is getting a makeover with four new nei…

Meet Me Monday: Jen and Bill Rahn

It's a new year, and we're thrilled to announce that the On The Road Travel Team is growing once again! Please help us in welcoming Jen and Bill Rahn to our team!
Jen is a high school English teacher and soccer coach with degrees from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Regis University, and Grand Canyon University.  Bill is the manager of a nearby Dairy Queen.  He graduated from the University of Northern Iowa. They live in Aurora, CO with their 5 year old son Eli.  Well, his full name is Elias.  He was, in fact, named after Walter Elias Disney!
Growing up in Northern California, Jen took her first trip to Disneyland when she was only one year old.  As she grew up, she took trips there once a year with her parents or her grandparents when they lived in Southern California.  Even when she moved to Arkansas with her dad, they visited Disneyland on the move out there and then again on the move back to California.

Bill is a native of Iowa and did not visit Disneyland until thei…