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Getting Home After a Disney Day

So your Magical Disney Park Day is over and you need to leave the park!
Let’s talk about what COULD be the least magical time of day at Disney. Leaving when it is time for bed!
You have options:
Leave the park early and beat the rush---(For die hards like me and so many others--that is NOT an option!) OR Stay enjoy the FULL day and all it entails!~ Regardless of which park you are at, the end of the night is full of magic!

My suggestion is stay, enjoy every moment of the end of the day!

That said, there are a few choices of how to handle the end of the day crowds!  

You will see people leaving the park - as if there is a fire - trying to beat the crowds to the busses, the boats, the monorail, to personal vehicles...There WILL be a line for transportation no matter what you choose, but there are LOTS of transportation options and offerings!

However, instead of rushing out to to a line---Chill on the bench with a delicious Disney treat.  My family and I have learned that it is much more magical…

24 Hours in Disney World!

“I wish we could go to Disney right now!”  I can’t count the number of times I’ve made that statement.  On a recent Friday in, I was looking at park hours and saw that Magic Kingdom would be open until midnight that Sunday.  The next thing I knew I was booking a room and flights for a spontaneous visit! Doing all this with only 36 hours until my flight took off had me excited and nervous all at once.  It took a minute to clear my thoughts so I could figure out what needed to be done in such a short period of time. I immediately logged into My Disney Experience and linked the trip to my account so that I could try for FastPasses.  I was lucky enough to get 3 that I wanted – no Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, but I expected as much only two days out. I then wrote a list of the things that I absolutely needed to bring, and checked into the resort online.  The next morning, I checked in for the flight, printed boarding passes, and packed a small carry-on bag with the help of my list. I was sur…

Disney for Adults

Disney vacations are certainly one of the first options many consider for family vacation, but Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Aulani, and Adventures By Disney are vacations that should be on the short list for adult-only vacations, too! Many of these highlights are not strictly “adults only,” but they are little things you might miss-out on when bringing along the whole fam.

Special Events:Ever wanted to run around Magic Kingdom (almost) all by yourself? With Disney After Hoursyou get run of one of your favorite WDW parks after normal park hours have ended. There are also events like H2O Glow Nights, a multitude of RunDisneychoices,  or you could take a specialty cruise around the 7 Seas Lagoon.

Food and Drink:Don’t let Disney’s reputation for Mickey pretzels and Dole Whips fool you: truly fine culinary pursuits are also in no short supply. Victoria & Albert'sin the Grand Floridian at Disney World is a AAA, five star dining experience. Palo and Remyoffer fine ad…

Universal Express

Wouldn’t it be dreamy to have front of the line access to nearly EVERY attraction while visiting a theme park? Of course it would and it IS possible! Universal Express allows you to skip the lines at most Universal Studios Florida and Universal's Islands of Adventure attractions. This even includes all Wizarding World of Harry Potter rides!
If you have purchased Universal Express, when you approach a ride with Universal Express, show your pass to the attendant. They will scan it and let you enter the Express Pass queue. Closer to the ride loading area, the Universal Express Pass queue will merge with the regular line. At this point, your pass will be scanned again. You will still likely wait at this point, but it is usually only 5 to 10 minutes, which can save a huge amount of time throughout your day at the Universal Resort! Universal Express Pass is not a group pass, so everyone in your party will need their own Universal Express Pass. The passes are also non-transferrable. It i…

What Does Value Mean to You?

Value is a common term used in the tourism industry today, but what is the definition of Value? Value: A monetary worth of something; market price.  A fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged.

What does value mean in the travel industry? As a travel agent, I value my customers.  I value their experience and them sharing the experience with their friends and family.  I value finding a great trip that my client will Value.

When I travel, I value the memories.  If you asked me today, I couldn’t tell you how much it cost for an excursion three years ago to swim with stingrays in the Grand Cayman. But I can remember the smiles on our faces and the life-long memory, which has great value to me.

My job is to find value for your budget on your next vacation.  Sometimes that value lies in the perks that only a travel agent can provide, sometimes it is the time you save searching the internet.  As a travel agent, we take care of that for you, and our service…