24 Hours in Disney World!

“I wish we could go to Disney right now!”  I can’t count the number of times I’ve made that statement.  On a recent Friday in, I was looking at park hours and saw that Magic Kingdom would be open until midnight that Sunday.  The next thing I knew I was booking a room and flights for a spontaneous visit! Doing all this with only 36 hours until my flight took off had me excited and nervous all at once.  It took a minute to clear my thoughts so I could figure out what needed to be done in such a short period of time.
I immediately logged into My Disney Experience and linked the trip to my account so that I could try for FastPasses.  I was lucky enough to get 3 that I wanted – no Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, but I expected as much only two days out. I then wrote a list of the things that I absolutely needed to bring, and checked into the resort online.  The next morning, I checked in for the flight, printed boarding passes, and packed a small carry-on bag with the help of my list. I was sure to include device chargers and my favorite MagicBand!
My flight took off on time and landed in Orlando around 9:20am.  Magical Express dropped us off at Port Orleans French Quarter where we enjoyed a quick breakfast of Mickey beignets!  Our room wasn't quite ready for us once we were done eating, so I passed my one bag off to bell services and got on the bus to Magic Kingdom!  We arrived around 11:15am and took it all in. Even though we’ve been to Magic Kingdom so many times, it felt surreal to just show up on a Sunday morning without any real preparation or the lengthy countdown that we’re used to!  
It had already been decided that we weren’t going to rush through the park by trying to squeeze everything in.  Instead, we moved at a leisurely pace – enjoying our favorite rides, visiting Mickey & Minnie in their birthday outfits, checking out the celebration merchandise, and eating our favorite Disney foods. It was such a great day spent doing what we most wanted to do.  When the park closed at midnight, we returned to the resort and retrieved our bag before heading to our room.
Since our return flight wasn’t due to leave Orlando until 5:00pm, we got to sleep late and enjoy time at the resort.  After leaving our room, we gave our bag back to bell services so we could enjoy the next few hours freely. We walked around and browsed the stores in both Port Orleans resorts – French Quarter and Riverside, took lots of pictures, and had a relaxing breakfast and lunch.  I enjoyed as much time in the Florida sun as I could before we had to head back to New York, which was both rainy and cold. During the ride back to the airport I looked over all the pictures I had taken and was so happy that we decided to have this spontaneous visit – it was absolutely worth it!
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