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The Gift of Travel

As Travel Agents, my wife and I are always thinking about travel and where to take our next trip.  So it makes sense for us to give travel as a gift to our kids during the holidays. Before we became travel agents, we did the whole Black Friday shopping thing. We got up early, fought the crowds, and missed time with our family during Thanksgiving weekend.  Then, just a few months later, we would find the gifts not being played with, valued, or even remembered. They often just ended up as more clutter around the house.

So as our kids got older, we started giving memories and trips, which turned out to be so much more appreciated.  First, it’s a gift the whole family can enjoy. We get to spend time together and explore. It creates anticipation for adventure.  Our kids have learned new culture, seen the world, and made memories that are priceless.

Don’t get me wrong, we still have some presents under the tree for our kids.  But sometimes the physical gifts are clues about the trip we…

Celebrating Birthdays at Disney World

What is better than a birthday celebrated at Walt Disney World?!  And, I am not just talking about kids! We have celebrated many birthdays at Disney and there are some great ways to add a little magic to your birthday celebration at Walt Disney World.

Get your button  Disney has FREE buttons that they can provide to you to help you share your celebration.  This Happy Birthday button lets everyone else in on the fun and you will be surprised to see how many cast members and other guests help wish your child (or you!) a happy birthday.  This button also got us a couple of complimentary goodies (though this is never guaranteed)! Don’t forget to get your other children that may not be celebrating their birthday a pin too.  Disney has pins that say “I’m Celebrating,” which you can write on so they can also have a button to wear.

Create a shirt  A family reunion and Disney World are one of the few places where matching shirts are a must!  You can order on Etsy or at a multitude of online s…

Breakfast at the Magic Kingdom

Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day, providing as it provides sustenance and energy for whatever activities lay ahead.  When those activities involve visiting the “The Most Magical Place On Earth”, you need to be prepared! Magic Kingdom is filled with fantastic places to fuel up first thing in the morning with options that suit all tastes and budgets.  Whether you are in search of a breakfast with characters or quick coffee, below are some great options…. When it comes to Disney, there are no character dining experiences desired more than Cinderella’s Royal Table in the heart of the Magic Kingdom. You are greeted by Cinderella as you enter the castle and ascend the spiral staircase (or take the gilded elevator) to the banquet hall above. While you dine, you will overlook Fantasyland and often be able to visit with Aurora, Ariel, Snow White, and Jasmine as you enjoy breakfast.  The morning menu highlights include caramel apple-stuffed french toast, baked …

Walt Disney World's Skyliner

If you look in the sky while you’re at Disney World, you might notice some new construction. Last year, WDW announced that they were building Disney’s new Skyliner. This is a gondola system that will connect Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Pop Century Resort/Art of Animation Resort, Caribbean Beach Resort, and Disney’s new Riviera Resort. Currently, it is scheduled to open in late Spring or early Summer of 2019. This will put it ahead of the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the new Ratatouille ride at Epcot, which are scheduled for late 2019.

The first gondolas were spotted on property back in June which is a promising step forward. This new system has an estimated capacity of between 4,000 and 5,000 passengers per hour per direction, making it one of the highest capacity gondola systems in the world.  With a capacity that high, it will surely decrease wait times for buses going in those directions - a win-win for all! 
The cabins will have luxuries …