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Disney Dining Plans 101

One of the most confusing parts of Disney Vacations for our clients are the dining plans.  What are they?  What do they include?  How do they work?  Is it like being at an all-inclusive resort and I can eat what I want, when I want?  Do I get credits for every day I’m there?  Do I have to use 1 of each credit type per day?  How am I going to know how many credits I’ve used and how many are left?

When you travel to Disney with a dining plan---it allows you to feel as if your vacation is similar to an all inclusive experience.  The majority of your food is already paid when you add a dining plan to your room and ticket package--it is a great way to “budget” knowing that your food spending is under control.

When you arrive to the hotels and parks you can use your magic band to use your entitlements of the dining plan.  Those credits are in a bank of sorts!  Each receipt will tell you how many credits you have left!

In order to have the dining plan, you must be an on site Disney guest.  Eve…

Dining Plan Entitlements 101

So you’re planning a trip to Disney World and you’re thinking about getting a Dining Plan for your party, but what does it mean? What’s included in a given meal or considered a snack? When or where do I have to use multiple credits for a meal? Below you can find a summary that should answer all of those questions for you. If you still have questions, you can always contact your On The Road Travel Agent! You can also check out our post Disney Dining Plans 101 for more details about how Dining Plans work! Each Quick-Service meal includes (for breakfast, lunch or dinner): 1 Entrée 1 Non-alcoholic Beverage or Alcoholic Beverage—for Guests 21 and older Each Table-Service meal includes (for breakfast): 1 Entrée 1 Non-alcoholic Beverage or Alcoholic Beverage—for Guests 21 and older -OR- 1 Full Buffet or Family-Style Meal Each Table-Service meal includes (for lunch or dinner): 1 Entrée 1 Dessert* 1 Non-alcoholic Beverage or Alcoholic Beverage—for Guests 21 and older -OR- 1 Full Buffet or Family-Style Meal …

Pirates and Pals Fireworks Cruise

As frequent visitors to Walt Disney World, my family likes to have new experiences each trip.  When we visited The Happiest Place on Earth in early February, we tried a new restaurant (Sanaa at Disney’s Kidani Village), visited two restaurants we had not dined at in 10+ years (Liberty Tree Tavern and Chef Mickey’s), and stayed at a resort we had not stayed at as a family before (Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort).  On our last evening, we embarked on the Pirates and Pals Firework Cruise for the first time.

We are a family of four with two boys, age six and three-quarters and fourteen.  There are so many experiences at Disney that are focused on princesses that when we come across something that boys can enjoy, we get excited.  

The information we were given instructed us to arrive at Disney’s Contemporary Resort by 6:45PM for check in.  We arrived around 6:30 and checked in near the California Grill check in counter.  We were given the run down of the evening by a Cast Member and had a s…

Disney Parks Playlist

Are you getting excited about your upcoming Disney trip? Or maybe just daydreaming about a day in the parks? Then have we got the playlist for you!

This week we're featuring a friend of the blog's curated Disney Parks Playlist on Spotify! From the opening day of Disneyland to walking down Main Street USA to Fantasmic's final moments, Josie's playlist takes you through a day at the Magic Kingdom.

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FastPass+ Pointers

FASTPASS+ (aka Fast Passes). They may be the most stressed about pre-Disney trip to do, but with a bit of knowledge and the insight from our agents, there is no reason to stress!
First, what is a Fast Pass? A Fast Pass is a digital ticket that allows you priority loading at certain attractions at Walt Disney World. You are given a one-hour window of time in which you may enjoy the attraction. When it's time for your Fast Pass, you can use either your Magic Band or park ticket to scan into the Fast Pass queue, which allows for a shortened wait time.
What do Fast Passes Cost? Nothing!  Fast Passes are included in the cost of your theme park ticket.
How many FastPass+es do I get? Each person is allowed to book 3 FastPass+es per day at the park to begin with. All three of those FastPass+es must be booked at the same park. After you use your initial 3 FastPass+es, you may obtain a fourth. After you use your fourth, you may obtain a fifth, etc. For this reason, it’s often best practice to boo…