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Tips for Taking on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Many guests do not realize that Disney and Universal are competitor park systems!
If you would like to experience all things Harry Potter---then the 2 parks of Universal and Islands of Adventure are MUST visit locations!

How to take on the World of Harry Potter -
Just a SNEAK Peek!

When working with an On the Road Travel, this is just the beginning of the advice you will get in regard to how to explore the Wizarding Worlds!

For my family---it is a big deal to turn 11---WHY?

Well, that is when the letter to Hogwarts arrives ---with the invitation for a Mom/daughter (1 on 1--when you turn 11) trip that occurs! My sister has also incorporated the tradition---

Here is a simple list of to do’s for 1 full day at the 2 parks at Universal Orlando---that we use as the basis of our trip(s).

1. Universal Park - Arrive 30+ minutes EARLY --- Early hour admissions DO exist for onsite guests that stay at Universal (We can assist you with where to stay onsite at Universal, too)

2. Enjoy …

Transportation for Your Disney Vacation

When flying into Orlando International Airport (MCO), one of the major perks for many guests is the use of Disney’s complimentary Magical Express service that is included in the MAGIC of your onsite stay.  

There are other options and things to consider when deciding if Magical Express is for you.  This post will give you an overview of all of your transportation options, so you may have a better idea of what’s right for your traveling party.

Magical Express is Disney’s airport bus system---that is only available to ON-SITE Disney guests--- To and from the Disney hotel that they are a guest of.  Magical Express is ONLY offered to your hotel and not to the parks---Once at your hotel, you are then welcome to hop onto a Disney transportation bus that will take you to the Disney parks and Disney entertainment spots.  
Price: Complimentary, as an onsite Disney guest
Tipping: $1-2/bag if you take your own luggage onto the bus
Car seats: Not needed (if you bring your own, they'll stow it in t…

Emily's Top Three Disney Tips!

As travel agents, we often get asked for our top Disney World vacation tips.  There are as many answers to this question as there are days in the year, but today I will offer you my top three not- so-obvious or underrated tips:

1. Matching/ Coordinating T-shirts: If you’re not one who likes to be matchy/matchy with your travel companions, this is a tip that you might quickly dismiss. However, matching shirts serve more than a fashion function at Disney World.   First, they make identifying the members of your group SUPER easy to do.  With an average of 52,000 people moving in and out of the Magic Kingdom each day, being able to easily to know that your group is all together cannot be underrated.It makes packing easy! You’re preparing for your Disney trip by doing a million different things. Get everyone wearing the same shirt and don’t sweat it!Talking points: If your shirts let people know where you’re from or what you’re celebrating, it inspires conversation with other guests and cast…