Emily's Top Three Disney Tips!

As travel agents, we often get asked for our top Disney World vacation tips.  There are as many answers to this question as there are days in the year, but today I will offer you my top three not- so-obvious or underrated tips:

1. Matching/ Coordinating T-shirts: If you’re not one who likes to be matchy/matchy with your travel companions, this is a tip that you might quickly dismiss. However, matching shirts serve more than a fashion function at Disney World.  
  • First, they make identifying the members of your group SUPER easy to do.  With an average of 52,000 people moving in and out of the Magic Kingdom each day, being able to easily to know that your group is all together cannot be underrated.
  • It makes packing easy! You’re preparing for your Disney trip by doing a million different things. Get everyone wearing the same shirt and don’t sweat it!
  • Talking points: If your shirts let people know where you’re from or what you’re celebrating, it inspires conversation with other guests and casts members, which can make queue wait times go much more quickly.
  • Extra magic: you never know when your gear might land you some attention from cast members that results in extra magic….like getting to go backstage and take a picture with Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and FroZone all together.
  • Souvenir: Each time you wear that same t-shirt after you’ve come back home, you’ll be able to reminisce about your magical times...and start planning your next trip!

2. Get an insulated water bottle: One of the MOST important things you can do while on your Disney World trip is stay hydrated. All Disney counter service restaurants will fill your water bottle with ice and water for FREE. Make sure you bring a water bottle with you, and having an insulated water bottle will keep that water cool and refreshing much longer.

3. Bring a dollar store lawn ornament: If you’re using a stroller, you’ll be required to park that stroller in the designated spaces throughout the parks. Especially if you’re renting a stroller (which your travel agent can help you set up), you’ll see that there are hundreds of strollers that all look the same. By attaching a dollar store lawn ornament to your stroller (or setting it in the seat!) you’ll spend less time searching for your stroller and more time enjoying the attractions.

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