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Collecting Memories on Your Adventures

One of my favorite things about the holidays is decorating the Christmas Tree.  I’m “one of those people” who is highly particular about ornament placement, light stringing, the cascade of the garland, etc, and I take little help from the rest of my family when it comes to decorating the tree.  My boys have their own trees that they can decorate any way that they want, but the big tree is mine. When we were growing up, decorating the tree was a task that fell to my dad, with lots of help from my sister and me.  Dad’s mantra was, and is, “lights make the tree,” and I could not agree more! So, after I string about a thousand lights on the tree (it’s a wonder the tree does not spontaneously combust), it’s time to place the ornaments.
The real reason I love decorating our tree is that so many of the ornaments come from our family travels.  When we travel, one souvenir that I always purchase is an ornament for the tree. If I can find one with the location and year on it, I feel like I’ve…

The Cabins at Fort Wilderness

Looking for a fun and new Disney experience?  How about a stay at The Fort Wilderness Cabins! Located in the Magic Kingdom area of Walt Disney World,  Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground offers themed camping and cabins so you can enjoy the outdoors in Disney Style.
Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground originally opened on November 19th, 1971. It sits on 750 wooded acres giving the resort the feel of the great American frontier. Wildlife is plentiful as you will find ducks, deer, armadillo, rabbits and peacocks roaming the grounds. The resort offers the best of the great outdoors while giving the Disney experience you expect.

Camping is not for everyone, so the option of a Cabin that sleeps up to 6 can be great. Sitting at almost 504 square feet, the cabins offer plenty of space. The cabin contains a separate bedroom with bunk beds along with a full sized bed. The living room area has a pull out sofa along with a dining table and flat screen television. The cabin al…

The Wonder of Disney Cruise Line

Back in September, you may remember that I embarked on a girls trip with my dear friend, Megan. The first part of our trip saw us conquering all four Walt Disney World parks in one day. The second part of our trip had us setting sail on the high seas for our first ever Disney Cruise. The expectations for the cruise were high: I’ve rarely spoken with someone who wasn’t blown away with their DCL experience. But, having sailed other cruise lines before,I had to see the “Disney Difference” for myself. Spoiler alert: Disney did not disappoint.
Here are just a few highlights of what set the Disney Cruise Line apart!

Night time entertainment: Specifically for the cruise line, Disney produces Broadway style, and Broadway quality shows.  Each night of our three night adventure was a different show that allowed us to connect with some of the more well-known characters (Belle and Beast) and those that are a little less common (Quasimodo or Tarzan).

Staff: Every single cast member (aka Disney staff)…