Getting Home After a Disney Day

So your Magical Disney Park Day is over and you need to leave the park!

Let’s talk about what COULD be the least magical time of day at Disney. Leaving when it is time for bed!

You have options:

Leave the park early and beat the rush---(For die hards like me and so many others--that is NOT an option!)
Stay enjoy the FULL day and all it entails!~
Regardless of which park you are at, the end of the night is full of magic!

My suggestion is stay, enjoy every moment of the end of the day!

That said, there are a few choices of how to handle the end of the day crowds!  

You will see people leaving the park - as if there is a fire - trying to beat the crowds to the busses, the boats, the monorail, to personal vehicles...There WILL be a line for transportation no matter what you choose, but there are LOTS of transportation options and offerings!

However, instead of rushing out to to a line---Chill on the bench with a delicious Disney treat.  My family and I have learned that it is much more magical to stay inside the park than to hurry up and wait for our ride “home” at the bus stop, monorail station, ferry stop, etc.

It is truly special to just enjoy the music, the lighting, and the splendor of the Disney park!  
We typically wait at least 30 minutes before exiting the park to the various transportation options.  

Another option is to plan on shopping after the park closes---it saves you on your park time and provides you an activity to do if people watching from a bench is not your thing!  
The rides DO close but the shops will stay open past the official closing time!

This could even be a time for some end of the day photos or social media posts. You might even find that you can get a great photo on a seemingly empty Main Street USA!

IF you need to leave the park FAST and the complimentary Disney transportation options are not the right fit for you---Disney now offers the Minnie Van service through the Lyft App for a nominal fee.  It is a great way to enjoy the end of the night and ensure you get to bed a bit earlier! There are child seats, booster seats and even phone chargers---all while you are driven by official Disney Cast Members!   Even better, Disney Minnie Vans have special pick up and drop off locations that might just save your feet and a few extra steps.

What do you prefer at the end of a long park day?  

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