What Kind of Bag Should I Bring to the Parks?

You have the perfect itinerary, the most comfortable shoes, the right clothing, the perfect hat/sunglasses combo, the best sunscreen, but it appears you have something weighing on your shoulders that you are not sure about. That's right, you need the right bag for your upcoming expedition to a Disney Park!

When visiting a Disney Park, there are essential items that can make or break your day. A camera, portable charging device, light jacket, mini first aid kit, diapers, ponchos, anti-bacterial gel, entertainment for children, park map, wet wipes, autograph book/pen, water, snacks, extra clothes, sunscreen, and many more items will likely need to fit in your bag. When thinking about what kind of bag you need, there are some key questions you need to consider. How big of a bag do I need to carry all of my belongings? How secure is the bag? Is the bag comfortable for carrying? How durable is the bag? Is the bag waterproof? Below is a list of various types of bags that may be right for you on your Disney trip.

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What makes a backpack great is the amount of storage it has, but that can also be the greatest downfall because it’s literally weighing on your shoulders all day long. However, carrying a backpack over both shoulders best distributes the weight for the duration of your day. Plus, odds are you can fit everything you need for the whole family in a backpack. Additionally, backpacks can be carried by various members of the traveling party, so it is often the easiest option.

Sling Bag:

If your storage needs require less than what a backpack has to offer, a sling bag may be the perfect option. The single-strap pack has the advantage of being easier to put on and take off while boarding and exiting attractions. However, keep in mind that all of the weight rests on one shoulder or the side of your neck, so be sure not to treat a sling bag as if it were a backpack. You will definitely feel it the next day if you’re bag is too full, and you don’t want a sore shoulder or neck to affect the rest of your trip!

Diaper Bag:

With a baby in tow, it is essential to be able to obtain diapers, formula, pacifier, etc in a timely manner. This kind of bag can typically be stored within your stroller too, so you don't have to worry about physically carrying it. Bringing a diaper bag in addition to your backpack or sling bag allows you to separate baby and family items, which can be nice when you’re digging for a pacifier in a pinch!

Fanny Pack:

While the 80s and 90s are clearly in the past, kickin' it old school with a fanny pack (or waist pack) is a great bag for storage if your space needs are minimal. Its central location on your body also alleviates the back or shoulder strain that can come from toting an 'over the shoulder bag'. Fanny packs typically do not have to be removed while riding attractions, which can be really nice. If fanny packs aren’t your style, there are plenty of companies, such as Vera Bradley, that make mini-hipster bags that are a similar size and can be worn cross-body. These bags are great for people who don’t have any youngsters in their group and may just be carrying the basics - phone, wallet, charger, hand sanitizer, gum, and of course an autograph book.
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A reminder....

It's important to select a bag in advance of your trip and do a “test pack.” Fill it with everything you believe you will require for a visit to the parks. A test pack will help you determine if the size, style, and functionality of the bag you have selected will meet your needs. It will also help you determine the items that are most important and items that can be left out. Finally, a test pack will assist in determining where key items are easily accessible. For example, can you easily access your phone to take a quick picture? This will also allow you to recognize if something is missing from your pack.

Don't forget that once you arrive at the park, Disney Security inspects all bags before you enter. That's right, every nook and cranny will be reviewed every time you enter a park, so be sure to bring a bag that's easy for them to look through. Having too many pockets or zippers that you have to open and close every time you go through security can be a real drag. 
You should also keep in mind that there are some things that are not allowed in Disney Parks. Of course you can’t bring in weapons of any kind, even if they’re just toys, but you may not know that no glass containers are allowed (except for baby food), and selfie sticks are strictly banned. You can view a list of all restricted personal items here.

So now you've found the perfect bag with plenty of compartments for everything you need! It's time to enjoy the parks!

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