Why is it Good to Travel?

Why is it good to travel?

First ask yourself, why do I want to travel and what do I want to get from it?  Is it a family trip? Is your goal to spend time with your kids without distractions? Is it a trip with your significant other to reconnect and relax? Is it a personal trip, to go somewhere you have always wanted to visit?

These things can all be achieved. Did you know travel also helps you live longer, makes you smarter, increases creativity, gives you a better understanding of culture, makes you happier, broadens your horizons, gives you confidence, improves your communication skills, gives you real life education and an appreciation of what you have, and it makes memories that will last a lifetime.  Plus, there are even studies that tell us traveling truly makes us healthier!

These are all important things in life, so your vacation is important.  You want your vacation to be the best experience possible. You have worked hard for this money and this time away.  Of course doing rese…

Bringing Your Little Ones to Disney

Many of my clients wonder if they should wait until their kids are older to take a vacation to Disney.  While bringing a younger child does require more upfront details to plan (that is where we can help!) and may require the ability to adjust plans on the fly, we have found that there are lots of benefits to bringing children under 3 to Disney and have some planning tips to make it easier!
Disney was created for the young (and young at heart)Even for a toddler, there is so much to do and more importantly - they will love it!  There are many rides with no height requirements, so your little one can ride with you.  There are also parades, attractions, and character meet and greets that are sure to appeal to the younger set!  Plus, it gives you an excuse to hang out on the “kiddie” rides! And, let’s face it, character meet and greets are more fun with the kids!
Making MemoriesI know younger children may not remember the trip firsthand, but you will!  And, new experiences for your little …

Making Memorable Meet and Greets

For many, meeting a beloved character is a highlight of any trip to Disney World.  While rides and shows are great, they fall short when it comes to delivering a personal experience.  A character meet-and-greet allows guests a few moments of individual attention with a special Disney character.  A quick chat, photo, autograph, and a warm hug offer a meaningful experience. Below are a few tips to give you better and more meaningful character meeting experiences. Times Guide - When you enter the Disney parks, be sure to grab a copy of the free ‘Times Guide’. The guides will be located with the maps at the front of the park (as well as at the registers of some of the larger stores on property). The Times Guide will list characters that are regularly scheduled to be in the park each day, as well as the time and location of their appearance. PhotoPass - Many character greetings have a dedicated PhotoPass photographer to capture your memories. On certain occasions, you may want to have a full…

Coming to Disney Parks in 2019

2019 is going to be a huge year for Disney on both coasts.  The next twelve months will bring with it brand new entertainment, new restaurants, a couple new hotels in Florida, Mickey Mouse’s first-ever ride, and Star Wars: Galaxy Edge will make its debut in California this summer and in Florida in the fall.  

Star Wars: Galaxy Edge There has been a lot of anticipation for this Star Wars-themed land.  The 14-acre land will open at Disneyland this summer, and it will make its debut in Florida later this year.  Each land will have two attractions: Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. This is the first time that Disney has duplicated the exact same land in two locations.  Themed shopping, character interactions and a cantina bar will round out your visit to the Outer Rim’s most mysterious planet, Batuu. Visit Galaxy Edge at Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida and at Disney California Adventure in California.

IllumiNations: Reflections on Earth Illumination…

A Disney Vacation Movie Marathon!

You’ve planned your dream vacation, and the excitement is building, but how do you tide yourself over until your trip? Movies of course! So many of the attractions, character experiences, and entertainment on your Disney vacation will be even more enjoyable if you’re familiar with the movies and stories from which they were dreamed up. Below is a list of the best movies to prepare you and your family for your upcoming trip!
Disney WorldToy Story 1, 2, and 3 - Take on Zurg at Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin in the Magic Kingdom. At Hollywood Studios, become one of the toys in Toy Story Land where you can take a ride on Slinky Dog Dash, spin with the Aliens on their Swirling Saucers, and reach your high score at Toy Story Mania.

Cinderella - See the castle in real life and meet the princess herself at Magic Kingdom.

Dumbo - Fly along on Dumbo the Flying Elephant at Magic Kingdom.

Beauty and the Beast - Become part of the story at Enchanted Tales with Belle and meet Belle at the Magic Ki…

Making Disney Vacations Accessible to All!

Planning for a Disney vacation can be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming!  It’s such an amazing trip to look forward to but it’s a challenge to manage all the details in an organized way.  Families that include members with special needs have additional details that need to be addressed when planning for time away from home and daily routine.  
Planning a vacation that includes people with autism and other special needs can best be met by someone who understands their unique needs and the detailed preparation involved in embarking on such a lengthy trip.  At On The Road Travel you can plan with me, Dawn K. Zorilo, a Certified Autism Travel Professional (CATP) who also holds a Master’s Degree and New York State Certification in Students with Disabilities. In addition to formal training, I have years of experience working directly with children with special needs and their families.  I understand the specific details and challenges that are involved and am ready to help you prepar…

Disneyland Differences

You love Disney, right?   But have you really experienced Disney on both coasts?
Walt Disney World in Florida is HUGE and so magical, but Disneyland Resort in California is the original and a MUST do experience full of Walt’s footsteps--- and so much of the true history of Disney!

Things that I love about experiencing Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure parks in California:
Proximity: 2 parks - Disneyland and California Adventure - plus Downtown Disney are all within a walkable distance, which makes it perfect for multigenerational trips!  Less walking and distance required!
Onsite hotels: There are just 3 onsite hotels at Disneyland, but there are 49 good neighbor hotels that are also very close by and many are even within walking distance of the parks!
Park hopping: EASY peasy - you can walk from the entry of Disneyland to California Adventure within a few minutes.
Less upfront planning: For the California parks and resorts, dining reservations take place 60 days or less, prior to…