WDW Every Ride Kids Challenge Part Four

This article is the fourth part in a series. Be sure to check out parts one, two, and three before reading on! Then come back next week for the fifth and final part of the series!


We departed Hollywood Studios at 3:53 pm and made the short drive over to Epcot entering at 4:21 pm. Another solid hop of 28 minutes. 

We had 9 rides to get done with a target goal of 3 hours. As we made the long walk from the entrance to the World Showcase, John looks up and says, “I love seeing that golf ball every time we come here!”

I on the other hand was a bit nervous looking at Spaceship Earth. It has ended a lot of challengers hopes and dreams in the past with its tendency to break down or just stop for no apparent reason whatsoever. I’m a big Game of Thrones fan, so I have dubbed it “The Breaker Of Runs.” But, for the time being, we had other rides to check off the list first.

First on the list was our fastpass for ride #21, Frozen Ever After (FP9). Now I am not a huge fan of this attraction and miss Maelstrom, but we still had a singing challenge going on. So I waited for the scene when Elsa makes her grand entrance to belt out an awful version of “Let It Go”. I felt so bad that I turned and apologized to the folks behind me. They didn’t miss a beat and told me it was great and just added to the experience. Clearly they were just being nice.

While walking over to Mexico, I scored another key fastpass….Test Track! Our string of good fortune continued as we made our way to ride #22 Gran Fiesta Tour!

Next up was ride #23 Test Track (FP10) and #24 Mission: Space, completing the left side of the park. As we ran to the other side of the park, I glanced over at Spaceship Earth and was mentally preparing myself for an epic showdown. Would the “Breaker of Runs” end our dreams of a completion? We would soon find out, but we still had some business to attend to over at the Land pavilion. I quickly grabbed back-to-back FastPasses for #25 Soarin Around the World (FP11) & #26 Living With The Land (FP12)!

With 3 rides to go, I was feeling good but still very nervous at what awaited us. Figment is usually a walk on as the day wears on, so I knew we didn’t need a FastPass for it. But, just to be on the safe side I grabbed one for Nemo. Ride #27 Journey Into Imagination and #28 The Seas: With Nemo & Friends (FP13)!

It was time for our battle with the giant golf ball! I grabbed a FP for what would be our final one at Epcot. Ride #29 Spaceship Earth (FP14)!

John and I love this attraction and on this day we needed it to run without any issues…and…it did! I couldn’t believe it. No stops, no slowdowns - it was a perfect trip through time!

THANK YOU PHOENICIANS! And with that, we completed our third park of the day!


3 parks down, 1 to go! John and I were super excited when we got off Spaceship Earth. We were 11 rides away from completing our mission. While heading to the car the Fastpass magic that had been along for the ride all day struck again. I was able to grab a Peter Pan FP that didn’t start until after 8:30 pm. This was perfect, as it would allow us to knock out the rest of Tomorrowland first, negating any further need to run back and forth across the park. As we pulled into the Contemporary and parked the car I said to John…”well either we are going to return to this car later very happy or very sad!” Again without missing a beat John looked up and said, “happy daddy, we’re going to be so happy!” And with that we jogged to the front gate of MK to finish what we started.

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