On The Road Travel's Guide to the World Showcase

Touring Epcot’s World Showcase can be a bit overwhelming. With 11 countries and so much to see, how do you narrow it down?

The agents at On the Road Travel have you covered! Below is a list of our highlights for touring the “world.”

If you have younger kids (or even older kids) the Kidcot Fun Stops can be a great activity that takes you around the World Showcase. In each pavilion, there is a Kidcot station where you can interact with cast members, learn about their home country, earn a stamp, and create a personalized souvenir. We definitely recommend giving this a try! Even if you’ve done it before, it recently got a new sponsor (Ziploc), so you’re sure to experience something new!

Most people also enjoy eating and drinking around the World Showcase. You can get a plate or two to share with your party and everyone gets to try something new in each country! This is even more fun during Epcot's many festivals. We also recommend doing a photo scavenger hunt throughout. This can be a picture with your food and drink, trying out some props in the gift shop, or finding a native flag in the pavilion.

Below we give a quick overview of our favorite things in each country. There’s so much to see at Epcot, but these are just our top tips and highlights.

  • Go inside the temple and check out the marketplace - from handmade blankets to handcarved alebrijes, you’re sure to find something you want to take home
  • As you enter, to the left, there’s a family-friendly boat ride with The Three Caballeros that almost never has a long wait
  • Tucked in the right side corner, you’ll find a tequila lounge that has great chips, guacamole, and queso - they also offer tequila flights, so you can try all different kinds, as well as margaritas that are hand crafted from fresh ingredients
  • Outside of the temple, there are good margaritas, sangria, and nachos at the quick service stands
  • You can often catch Donald wearing his sombrero outside on the right side of the temple and grab a picture and autograph

  • Frozen Ever After is a great family-friendly attraction, but there is almost always a significant line. This is definitely something you’ll want a Fastpass for if it’s a priority for your group
  • The baked goods in Norway are A+. When we were little, we loved the chocolate chip cookies
  • Anna and Elsa have a meet and greet here in their Sommerhus - the line can get long for this as well, but at least it’s inside and air conditioned!

  • China has good quick service food - it’s a great place to share an order of egg rolls or fried rice
  • Mulan does a meet and greet here outside of the temple
  • Check the Chinese Acrobats performance schedule (you can find it in the times guide that you picked up at the front, or in the MyDisneyExperience app) - it’s a great, free show.
  • Nine Dragons is very good for table service dining

  • This is a nice place to stop and let the little ones out of the stroller - there are drums that kiddos can enjoy while mom and dad take a rest
  • The bridge between The Outpost and China is raised every afternoon so that the equipment for Illuminations can be moved onto World Showcase Lagoon
  • If you have picky eaters in your group, you can always grab some standard fair here - they always have hotdogs and chips

  • Schofferhofer is a grapefruit beer that I really like. It is a bit sweet though, so if that’s not to your liking, you can try one of the many other beers on tap
  • Karamel Kuche is the sweets shop where you can buy fresh caramel corn that you will dream about long after your trip is over
  • Soft pretzels are a great snack here - they’re big enough to share
  • Snow White does a meet and greet here by her wishing well

  • Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar is a great option for an adult beverage and a small bite. We like to go here for little appetizers and they have wine flights or you can just get a little carafe of your favorite wine
  • Via Napoli for table service dining is a good option.  Be sure to check out the pizza oven!

American Adventure
  • This is where you can get the famous turkey leg - They also have good funnel cakes that often change with the season!
  • If you need a little break from the heat, and enjoy a short history lesson, stop inside and take a look around! The exhibits change relatively frequently, and if you haven’t seen it, the 30 minute show is worth a stop at least once (or if you need to sneak in a nap)
  • The America Gardens Theater hosts many events throughout the year - Eat to the Beat Concerts, Garden Rocks Concerts, Candlelight Processional and more

  • There is a great quick service restaurant here if you want a more substantial meal - it’s tucked in a cozy little nook up a set of stairs that can be found on the left when you enter the pavillion
  • Check out Mitsukoshi Department Store and find some crazy candy to try, pick a pearl, or browse the collection of authentic kimonos - my family loves to pick a mystery candy and all give it a try. We have some very high quality home videos from this experience
  • There’s a very cool drum show here!

  • This pavilion is beautiful! Be sure to walk through and explore the marketplace and architecture
  • Aladdin & Jasmine are available for meet and greets - check the times guide or app for the schedule

  • There’s an amazing bakery in the back of this pavilion. 10/10 would recommend the ham and cheese croissant, it’s by far my favorite - but everything is good!
  • They also have a great ice cream shop with some flavors you may not see elsewhere
  • The frozen alcoholic drinks in the stand at the front are good and refreshing - we really like the lemon Grey Goose slush
  • Belle does a meet and greet in the walkway connecting Morocco and France
  • Aurora does a meet and greet on the far side of the pavilion nearest the bridge

United Kingdom
  • Fish and Chips are a tasty option for a quick bite to eat
  • The Rose and Crown Pub is a popular dining destination. There are lots of different beers on tap and a full bar
  • Alice and Mary Poppins do meet and greets here just outside the tea cottage

  • Make your way to the back to see the scenery and waterfalls - it’s beautiful!
  • The gift shop here has a fun collection of soaps and chapsticks with names like “bear breath,” “ferret farts,” and “beaver butt” - a truly hilarious and inexpensive souvenir for little ones (and sometimes 24 year olds, let’s be honest)

There is genuinely so much to do on this grand tour, and these are just the basics! For more tips on traveling the World (Showcase) contact your On The Road Travel Agent. We would also love to see your photos! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and #TravelWithOnTheRoad.


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