One Foot at a Time - Taking Care of Your Feet at Disney

On an average day at home or at work I walk about 5 miles according to the pedometer on my phone.  At Disney, that number jumps to over 12 miles per day! With some planning and preparation, your feet can be ready.

I prefer to wear sneakers for my park days, but that may not be the best option for all.  The best advice I can give is to wear what you are used to. Personally, I would never wear cowboy boots, sandals or flip flops, but everyone has their own preference.  Looking around I often see people wearing thin flip flops, high heels, Ugg boots or gladiator sandals and I cringe thinking of their walk to the bus or hotel at the end of the day.

For sneakers I suggest a good pair of running shoes.  Here in Denver, I like to visit a store called Runners Roost.  The employees are specially trained experts in fitting you with the correct shoes for your feet.  Plan to spend some time in the store trying on shoes and testing them out on the provided treadmill.  Another good store is Road Runner Sports. They have many locations across the U.S. and a great online store if there is not a location close to you.  Good running shoes are not cheap. Plan to spend over $100 on the shoes and more if you plan to buy insoles.
Road Runner Sports has plenty of brands available so you can find the right fit!

Just as someone trains for a marathon, you need to train for a trip to Disney.  Start by adding some extra steps to your daily routine. Park your car farther from the grocery store or work.  Walk to get the mail, or stop by the mall even if you don’t need to buy anything.
Next, if you don’t already have one, purchase a pedometer.  Most smart phones and watches have a pedometer built in, but if yours does not, consider buying a FitBit or similar device.  Simply knowing how many steps you are walking in a day can help motivate some people to push even further the next day. It is also fun to look at you pedometer after a long day at the parks and see you have walked 26,000 steps.  About 2,000 steps is equivalent to a mile!

At the park
Some pain reliever might be necessary.  I always carry ibuprofen or similar oral pain relief medication when visiting the Disney Parks.  What you might not think of taking along is a topical pain reliever such as CryoDerm. CryoDerm is a topical pain relieving gel that can provide relief from muscle strains and joint pain.  Another life saver I have used is KT Tape. Sold in strips or rolls, KT Tape can be applied to numerous parts of the body to relieve swelling, provide compression, increase blood flow and increase your own awareness to body position.  Friction and chafing can also make for an uncomfortable day on your feet. My go to product is Body Glide. It has saved my hide on numerous trips to Walt Disney World. Applied like a stick of deodorant, this product stops chafing, rash, and irritation caused by friction.  Used on your feet and toes prior to your day, it will prevent blisters. Sometimes a little bit of baby powder can do the trick when you're in a pinch. Even with proper planning, a blister may still form. It is best to not pop the blister and apply a bandage or better yet a blister pad. If you need a bandage while you are in the parks, pay a quick visit to the First Aid Station and the Cast Members can assist.
AllBirds Tree Runners can be a great lightweight choice

The Basics
When all else fails, here are a few quick guidelines to picking the best footwear to take on your trip to Disney World:
- Choose comfort over fashion
- Wear broken in shoes
- Pack multiple pairs of shoes
- Think light
- More support is better
- Breathable shoes = happy feet

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