Pin Trading at Disney

One of my favorite things to do at Disney is to trade pins.  On our first trip to Walt Disney World, I saw that a lot of the cast members were wearing lanyards with fun character pins, and every gift shop had a ton of themed pins.  So I asked a cast member a few questions about the process.

The basics idea of pin trading is that if you have a Disney pin, you can ask a cast member if they will trade with you for one of their pins.  I think they have to say yes, so it’s a win win for you. You can also trade with guests but they often don’t want to give up any of the pins that they have.  Each cast member is allowed to trade two pins with each guest and the pin can’t be one that they already have on their lanyard. We bought a couple of mystery pins in a box to try it out, and my boys traded a couple of pins on our first trip.  It was like a scavenger hunt for them to find a pin of their favorite character! It also helped them to learn manners and become more comfortable speaking to adults by asking to see the cast members pins. Usually during the exchange, the cast members would interact with them and ask them some questions about their trip.  It was so fun to hear their responses!

So for our second trip, I bought 25 random pins from an eBay auction before we left, not knowing how addicting it was going to be.  My boys traded just about all 25 pins in the first day of our trip, and had some great pins that they wanted to keep. We also bought a pin to remember special occasions, such as their first ride on Everest, first upside down coaster (Rockin Roller Coaster), and a pin of the resort we stayed at.  On later trips, we bought Halloween party pins, anniversary pins, holiday pins, and a pin that shows the year for each trip we have taken. My oldest child is very picky and really searches for unique pins, whereas my youngest child will trade a pin 10 times before he keeps one. Pin trading has helped cut down on all the requests from our boys to buy expensive souvenirs, since they have a dozen pins they already love.

I usually take the pins to my work and put them on my cork board.  I often find myself looking at the pins and thinking about when we stayed at each resort, each Disney cruise ship we have sailed, years we have gone, and some pins even have memorable stories in how we traded for them.  It is a great way to remember the vacation and relive the memory once you get home. Isn’t that why we take trips? As a travel agent it is fun to see pictures and hear the memories that we have helped make with our clients.  Let us help you make some great memories you won’t trade for the world!

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