Strolling Through Disney World

It is not unusual to walk ten miles each day at Disney World, so it almost goes without saying that when “doing Disney” with kids, a stroller is a MUST. Whether you should bring your own stroller or rent one is a question with a less clear answer. Let’s explore a few of the options out there:

Bring your own:

You can certainly bring your own stroller from home to Disney World. One major benefit to doing so is that it saves you a bit of money, and you’re familiar with how it functions. When you bring your own stroller, don’t forget that you’ll be responsible for transporting it to and from Orlando, including around the airport where you will likely have to gate check it. You will also have fold it up and carry it on to transportation while you're going to and from the parks.

Rent from Disney:

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Disney offers stroller rentals in each of the parks. Disney offers single strollers for $15/ day, and double strollers for $31/day; multi day rentals are available and offer a small savings over renting day-to-day. Disney strollers cannot leave the parks, but simply show your receipt when you park hop and you’ll be able get stroller in the new park for the same day of your rental without paying again. If you plan to use Disney strollers, you won’t have to worry about getting the strollers on and off Disney transportation (primarily busses), but you also won’t have a stroller available for your non-park walking (which can also be a lot!). Another thing to consider with Disney strollers is that they are made of hard plastic which isn’t necessarily very comfortable, and can get hot in Florida sun.

Rent from a third party company:

There are multiple companies that offer stroller rentals for use at the parks. Third party companies generally tier their pricing, offering a flat fee for a certain number of days (for example, $45 for 1-3 days, $65 4-7 days, etc). Many of these companies will deliver directly to your resort, either leaving the stroller at the concierge stand or scheduling an hour window to meet you for pickup; the same applies to returning the stroller. The stroller rental companies offer a variety of stroller models, many of them offering BOBs or City Minis, and are excellent for napping toddlers. When you rent from a private company, you’ll have to bring your stroller on and off Disney transportation, but you won’t have to worry about it when navigating the airport.

Your On the Road travel professional can help you discuss these options further and, should you choose to rent from a third party company, help get your rental in place.

Regardless of whether you bring your own stroller, rent from Disney, or from a private company, be sure to stop at the dollar store and get a lawn ornament to attach to it. Disney often requires you to park strollers in certain areas and, amid the sea of strollers in stroller parking, yours will be EASY to find.

If you have any questions regarding stroller rentals for your upcoming trip, or beginning to plan your next trip, you can contact your On The Road Travel Agent. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


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