The Gift of Travel

As Travel Agents, my wife and I are always thinking about travel and where to take our next trip.  So it makes sense for us to give travel as a gift to our kids during the holidays. Before we became travel agents, we did the whole Black Friday shopping thing. We got up early, fought the crowds, and missed time with our family during Thanksgiving weekend.  Then, just a few months later, we would find the gifts not being played with, valued, or even remembered. They often just ended up as more clutter around the house.

So as our kids got older, we started giving memories and trips, which turned out to be so much more appreciated.  First, it’s a gift the whole family can enjoy. We get to spend time together and explore. It creates anticipation for adventure.  Our kids have learned new culture, seen the world, and made memories that are priceless.

Don’t get me wrong, we still have some presents under the tree for our kids.  But sometimes the physical gifts are clues about the trip we’ve planned. For example, for a Disney trip, we might get a stuffed Mickey, some Disney movies, matching shirts, or a lanyard with pins.  For a cruise, we might get sunglasses and cameras, and for an all inclusive resort, maybe luggage or a snorkel. This helps build anticipation for the trip and ensures we get the kids something they’ll actually use instead of tossing it aside in just a couple of months.  Let your imagination run wild, and you will actually enjoy this shopping!

Another thing we do is invite extended family to go on the trip with us.  Even if they end up not being able to go, sometimes it helps extended family with ideas for gifts for our kids as well.  

Lastly, the best part about giving memories or trips is having an On The Road Travel Agent help you plan the perfect trip at no cost! We keep you and the memories you want to make at the forefront of the planning process to ensure you get the vacation you dreamed of.

So if you need some ideas for the upcoming holidays, contact your travel agent and let us help you give the gift of travel.  You can also connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


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